4th Annual

    HomeGrown Cup


    The HomeGrown Cup celebrates the annual cannabis harvest at the end of the season

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    HomeGrown Cup 2018 Winners


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    Frequently Asked Questions


    We want to highlight the benefits of growing your own cannabis for personal use, whether it’s recreational, medical, therapeutically, or a combination of all those.


    With the HomeGrown Cup, we lean on an old tradition of celebrating the annual agriculture harvests at the end of the season.

    When & Where

    The 4th edition of the HomeGrown Cup was held on December 15, 2018, in Eindhoven (the Netherlands).


    2015 saw the first edition of the HomeGrown Cup, leaning on an old tradition of celebrating the annual agriculture harvest at the end of the season. The 2016 edition was held on December 17, 2016, in Eindhoven (the Netherlands). The 2017 edition was held on December 2nd, in Tilburg (the Netherlands). The 2018 edition was held on December 15 in Eindhoven (the Netherlands).

    Can I buy tickets to this event?

    There are no public tickets available (or judge packs for sale). However, competitors must pay this year 50 euros per entry (max 3, in different categories) to enter. This is to ensure the future of the cup and everyone gets a T-shirt, goodiebag and plenty of food and drinks. Registration starts August 23. Registration deadline is December 1.

    How much do I need to enter?

    You can find the quantities in the dropdown menus down below at the registration form (registration is closed now). You do not send in your entry, but bring it on the day itself. You can opt to choose to receive the containers beforehand, or you do it on the day itself. In the latter case, you need to be one hour early (11.00AM). Lab testing will be done after the event.

    Can I bring a friend?

    Judging is a hard job and takes all day. Of course, you can bring someone. But this costs 30 euros extra on top of your entry fee. For these 30 euros, you get an additional t-shirt, goodie bag and food and drinks. To do so, make sure to select ‘yes’ at the plus one question at the registration form (registration is closed now).

    Is this event in Amsterdam?

    No, the HomeGrown Cup is not held in Amsterdam for various reasons. In 2018 the cup takes place again in Eindhoven, which has plenty of cheap accommodations available for the weekend. But the event finishes early enough for you to drive home or even take the train back home.

    Registration Procedure

    • 1) Complete basic registration form

      You can find the registration form at the bottom of this website.

    • 2) Registration checked by organisation

      Normally, your registration will be accepted. However, we as an organisation uphold the right to refuse you. With the Solvent category, we only accept quality products this year to protect the health of our competitors. The CBD category can only be entered by companies.

    • 3) Receive payment options

      To enter, it will cost 50 euros this year per entry. Per entry, you can bring one person. Want one extra? This costs 30 euros extra. There are two options: PayPal or Cash.

    • 4) Registration complete

      When we have received your payment, your registration is complete.

    • 5) Receive containers

      If you indicated you want to receive the containers (this helps the organisation a lot), we will ship you the containers. If not, you have to be one hour earlier at the venue to package your entry yourself. With the containers package, you also receive the address. If you package it on the day itself, we will send you the address one week beforehand.

    • 6) Bring your entry on December 15

      Most important, you bring your entry at the day of the event at 12:00. Could not or didn’t receive the containers? Please be early: 11.00 AM. This is a one day event!

    Event Schedule

    • Food all day with dinner at 6.30pm

      Food will be availble throughout the day, with a complete dinner around 6.30pm.

    • 12:00am - 2.00pm Welcome & Registration

      Commencing attendees

    • 2.00pm - 9.30pm Judging

      Judging of your competitors.

    • 9.30pm - 10.30pm Counting scores

      Counting the scores so the winners can be presented during the Award Ceremony

    • 10.30pm Award Ceremony

      Award Ceremony to honor the winners and handout the prizes

    HomeGrown Cup in the Media

    ‘Afgelopen december tussen Sinterklaas en Kerstmis, vierden we alweer voor de vierde keer onze eigen traditie: de HomeGrown Cup. Afgelopen 2018 editie keerde de cup terug naar Eindhoven en nu al kun je er op CNNBS van (na)genieten!.’

    Organisatie over 2018 editie op CNNBS.nl

    ‘The 2017 HomeGrown Cup was a perfect example of how cannabis goes beyond healing individuals and can heal communities, too.’

    Bill Griffin, Marijuana Times (2017)

    ‘Considering these wins, but also checking out the other categories and flavors, you may very well conclude that orange is the new black indeed…’

    The Stoned Society on the 2017 winners

    ‘A bunch of like-minded individuals came together for a harvest festival in a warm and cosy atmosphere and enjoyed amazingly tasty food and shared wonderful homegrown products, tips and tricks. I don’t see how the bigger, commercialized Cups will ever be able to capture this magic.’

    Bill Griffin, Marijuana Times (2016) 

    ‘The Homegrown Cup–held annually in Eindhoven–celebrates the annual agricultural harvests at the end of the season; and while it is not as elaborate as the other events, is beloved for keeping alive an old tradition which is perhaps the most important objective when it comes to securing the future of cannabis in the Netherlands and in its capital.’

    Potent Media (2016)

    ‘Net als bij de eerdere edities was de sfeer de hele dag uitstekend; het gevoel onder vrienden te zijn, ook al zag je veel mensen voor het eerst. De verbindende kracht van cannabis blijft een wonderschoon verschijnsel en kwam hier optimaal tot zijn recht. Erg fijn was de doorlopende catering: soep, worstenbroodjes, vers gemaakte pizza’s, fruit, taart en – niet onbelangrijk – goede koffie.’

    Derrick Bergman, Highlife / Soft Secrets 2018

    ‘Een evenement waar amateurs, coffeeshops, cannabis social clubs, zadenbanken en growshops het tegen elkaar opnemen in een strijd om de beste wiet (en de beste hasj en concentraten ook tegenwoordig). Deelnemers zijn automatisch jurylid en krijgen een zak samples om te testen, waar de eigen inbreng uit is gehaald om fraude te voorkomen. Zij geven antwoord op de vraag: wie kweekt de lekkerste, mooiste, best geurende cannabis met het beste effect?’

    Mediwietsite (2017)

    ‘At a secret location in the Dutch city of Eindhoven last month, around 70 cannabis growers, concentrate producers, and cannaseurs gathered to take part in the second annual Homegrown Cup. Their charge: Judge entries in four different categories: outdoor, indoor, traditional hash, and concentrates. (…)’

    Derrick Bergman, Leafly (2017)

    HomeGrown Cup in Pictures

    For the 2015, 2016 and 2017 entries visit our Instagram @homegrowncup.