Hemp Market

This year more brands than ever, big and small, are present at our Hemp Market. The market focuses on all the cool
products that are related to our beloved flower.

Be aware, it’s not allowed to sell any flowers or hash at the market.

The companies that can be found at the Hemp Market are (from A-Z):

Here are the names in alphabetic order:

  • Amsterdam Seed Center
  • DabSquare
  • Dutch Leaf
  • Dutch Passion
  • Ex.Tractor
  • Flamez
  • Globalbudlr
  • Goldfish
  • Greenhouse Feeding
  • Greengo
  • Holy Fudge
  • Karma Genetics
  • Mystery Bees
  • Noids
  • Organic Earth
  • Perfect Plant Products
  • Sensi Seeds
  • Smoking
  • Smokenhagen
  • Suzy Seeds
  • The Hash Grinder Company
  • The High Cloud
  • TMM Distribution
  • WeNeedWeed